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Guides for Refinances, Home Buyers and Property Investors


We have compiled useful information and advice to expand your knowledge about home loans.

Our Ratebuster guides are readily available for free viewing and downloading.

Construction Guide

Your Guide To Construction Loans The aim of The Borrowers Guide to Construction Loans is to help consumers comprehend the intricacies of the construction lending

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Next Home Buyers Guide

Your Guide To Buying Your Next Home If you already own a property and are looking for a loan to purchase your next home, you’re

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Investors Guide

Your Guide To Investing In Property What are the benefits of investing in property? Investors in Australia are eager to enter the thriving property market

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First Home Buyers Guide

Your Guide To Purchasing Your First Home. First Home Buyer Basics Congratulations on taking the first steps towards purchasing your first property! It’s not an

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Home Loan Refinance Guide

What does it mean to refinance a home loan? What is refinancing? To refinance a home loan means to restructure your mortgage or switch to

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