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LenderLVRInterest RateComparison Rate
reducehomeloansReduce Home LoansLVR<=80%5.99%7.38%
Allstate BankAllstate Home Loans CarbanetLVR<=60%6.19%7.45%
GraniteGranite Home LoansLVR<=60%6.14%6.20%
Mortgage MartMortgage Mart UltraLVR<=60%6.55%7.73%

Your Gateway to NDIS Home Loans in Australia


Are you ready to make a difference while securing a solid financial future? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers an unprecedented opportunity for savvy investors and compassionate individuals to bridge the gap in disability accommodation. At RateBuster, we’re here to guide you through the process of acquiring NDIS home loans that not only deliver impressive returns but also contribute to providing suitable housing for Australians with disabilities.


What is NDIS?


The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, was initiated in 2016 as a government-backed program aimed at addressing the needs of Australians with disabilities (participants). This scheme focuses on fostering accessible and affordable housing, known as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), designed to cater to the specific requirements of people with disabilities. Beyond housing, the NDIS takes a lifelong approach to enhance the well-being of participants and their families.


Investing in NDIS: An Ethical and Profitable Venture


As Australia grapples with the shortage of disability-friendly housing, the government’s commitment to filling this gap through the NDIS presents an opportunity for investors. By building homes that meet SDA standards, you not only provide much-needed shelter but also secure an above-market rental income, with potential yields of up to 16%. Here’s why NDIS investment is a win-win:


1. Reduced Vacancy Risk: Demand for SDA ensures lower chances of vacancies.


2. SDA Payments: NDIS offers payments that result in attractive rental income.


3. Inflation-Linked Returns: Rental income is tied to consumer price index, protecting your investment against inflation.


4. Impressive ROI: Government incentives lead to returns approximately 500% higher than regular properties.


5. Ethical Impact: Invest in line with your values, contributing positively to society.


Overcoming Investment Barriers with NDIS Loan Experts


While NDIS investment holds tremendous promise, overcoming certain financial barriers is crucial. At RateBuster, our NDIS Loan Experts assist you in navigating challenges such as:


1. Low LVR: We help you secure loans even with deposits as low as 10%, under certain circumstances.


2. Property Valuation: Specialized homes may face undervaluation; higher deposits mitigate this issue.


3. Rental Income Estimation: Lenders may overlook government incentives, affecting rental income estimation. We ensure your potential income is accurately represented.


4. Right Lender Match: Our experts connect you with lenders aligned with NDIS investment goals.


Qualifying for NDIS Investment Loans


Unlocking NDIS investment requires careful planning and fulfilling certain criteria:


1. Find an SDA-compliant builder experienced in catering to participant requirements.


2. Secure a deposit of at least 20% to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance.


3. Maintain a good credit history and an exceptional credit score.


4. Showcase stable employment with a steady income stream.


5. Choose adaptable designs catering to various disabilities.


Eligibility and Availability of NDIS

Eligibility for NDIS participation requires:


1. Permanent disability impacting daily activities.

2. Age below 65 at entry (participants aged 7 to 65).

3. Australian citizenship or valid visa status.

4. Residing where NDIS is available (currently nationwide).


While challenges exist, the potential of NDIS investment is undeniable. Overcapitalization, niche market considerations, and property valuation complexities are surmountable. By collaborating with RateBuster, you gain expert guidance on navigating these obstacles.



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