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Get cash back ranging from $2000 to $10000 on your purchases and refinances with our exclusive Cash Back loans. We are dedicated to helping you discover the ultimate home loan deal.
Lender      LVRInterest RatesComparison RatesCashback
ANZ BankANZ BankLVR<=60%6.44%6.44%
More detail
Bank nameBank SALVR<=70%6.29%6.30%$2,000More detail
BOQBOQLVR<=70%6.09%6.24%$2,000More detail
Bank of melbourneBank of MelbourneLVR<=70%6.29%6.29%$2,000More detail
ME BankME BankLVR>50%6.07%6.07%
More detail
NABNABLVR<=60%6.34%7.72%$2,000More detail
reducehomeloansReduce Home LoansLVR<=80%5.99%6.05%$2,000 up to
More detail
St GeorgeSt GeorgeLVR>70%6.29%6.30%$2,000More detail



Are you searching for ways to maximize your savings while securing the perfect home loan in Australia? Look no further than Rate Buster, your trusted partner in finding the best cashback home loan offers. With our cutting-edge comparison website, you can confidently explore a range of lenders, interest rates, and cashback incentives to make an informed decision about your home loan refinance. 


Why Choose Home Loan Refinance Cashback Offers? 

Refinancing your home loan is a smart financial move that can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. And now, with cashback home loan offers, you have an incredible opportunity to put money back in your pocket right from the start. Here’s why you should consider cashback home loans through Ratebuster: 


-Instant Savings: Imagine receiving a significant cashback amount upon the successful refinancing of your home loan. This cash infusion can be used to cover moving costs, renovations, or simply as a boost to your savings. 


-Reduced Costs: Lower interest rates and favorable terms can lead to decreased monthly payments, ensuring more financial flexibility for you and your family. 


-Competitive Advantage: Lenders often compete to attract borrowers with attractive cashback incentives. This competition works to your advantage, allowing you to choose from a variety of appealing offers. 


How Ratebuster Makes a Difference 

At Ratebuster, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex landscape of home loans and refinancing options. Our user-friendly platform offers the following benefits: 


Comprehensive Comparison: Our website brings together a diverse selection of lenders and their cashback home loan offers. Easily compare interest rates, repayment terms, and cashback amounts to find the best deal for your needs. 


Transparent Information: We believe in empowering borrowers with accurate and up-to-date information. Our platform provides clear details about each cashback offer, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. 


Personalized Guidance: Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions or need advice, we’re just a click away, ready to provide the guidance you need. 


Getting Started is Simple 

Explore: Browse through our curated list of cashback home loan offers from various lenders in Australia. 


Compare: Use our intuitive comparison tools to evaluate interest rates, cashback amounts, and repayment terms side by side.


Apply: When you’ve found the perfect cashback home loan offer, initiate the application process directly through our platform. 


Save & Enjoy: Once your home loan is refinanced and finalized, enjoy the benefits of instant savings and improved financial flexibility. 


Your Home Loan Refinance Journey Starts Here 

Embrace the future of home loan refinancing with cashback offers through Ratebuster. Experience the satisfaction of making a savvy financial decision while unlocking immediate savings. Start your journey toward a brighter financial future today. 

Discover the best cashback home loan offers in Australia with Ratebuster. Your path to savings begins now. 



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